The penaltykicker scored!

Every year, all first year students of Mechanical Engineering have to build a machine. For example: a bike which could walk when you cycle and a machine which could make a hole in one in a play of golf. This year, there had to be a machine built which could take a penalty (as in a game of soccer).

All the students were divided into groups, and had 8 weeks the time to figure out how they would build a machine like this. The last 8 weeks, there was time to build the machine.

And today it was our testing day. And our machine worked (of course) :D! The 13th of June is the day where all the teams will fight against each other to claim that they have built the best machine. And the team of the ‘penaltykicker’ will be proud when they win the first price…

Update - 15th June 2006
Last Tuesday we had our competition. There were 40 groups with each a machine. Unfortunately, we lost in the 3rd round. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day, and we know now that we have a place in the top 10 ;) In the afternoon, Leeghwater (the student association of Mechanical Engineering) had organized a barbecue. Really nice, with a glass of beer and the evening sun.