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Articles shutdown

Today is March 5th 2018. It's more than 2,5 year ago I wrote my last programming article on this blog. Since I've moved on, I haven't wrote any (good) piece of code at all. Looking back, I have no incentive anymore to publish articles. There are so many good resources out on the internet, there's simply so much going on, I have not been able to keep up with it.

All the existing articles will be kept in the archive. Perhaps in the near future, I will change the site to be a portfolio for my photography work, but anyhow all articles will of course be kept with their own URL's.

$app->notFound() for Slim v3

In Slim v2, there is the option to invoke the error or not found handler with respectively $app->error() or $app->notFound() inside your controller/closure. In Slim v3, the feature has been removed* but there is a way to manage the same result with middleware.

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Evaluation of your work

Recently I stopped being an entrepreneur and moved to work for another company. It felt great and I would like to share this experience with you. I made the move not because I couldn't stand the entrepreneurial environment any more, or because the business was in decline (on the contrary actually). It was because I stuck to my most important lesson:

Do what you love and evaluate what you do

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On leaving your own business

This week I will leave my own business. It has been prepared for 3 months, but now it is getting really close. I am ready for the next step and I am honestly happy the company will keep running without me. However, this period felt like a roller coaster and I would like to share some thoughts how such a process could be guided (or the alternative title for this post: "what I learned from my mistakes").

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Managing ssh known hosts with ansible

Today I was looking how you can populate an ssh known_hosts file with ansible. For ssh access (pulling git repositories) I need to accept a fingerprint and I do not want to do this manually for every target. Therefore, I want to populate the known_hosts file so ssh can connect to them without interaction. And in fact, it was quite easy to achieve.

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Track Google Analytics events on outbound links

For a project we required tracking of events for various user interactions. The goal was to provide insights in user behaviour for certain sections of the site, but most of these interactions included "outbound links": hyperlinks pointing to a URL. Simply tracking the events with an onClick handler will not work in this case, so I wrote a simple wrapper to solve this problem.

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Soflomo\Mail is yet another mail facade for Zend\Mail

There are numerous e-mail modules available on modules.zendframework.com, but all fail the goal to be reusable for a medium-wide range of use cases. Therefore is today Soflomo\Mail v0.2.0 released: a facade module that helps users to execute three steps in a single method call:

  1. Compose an e-mail message object (with address fields, subject and so on)
  2. Render view templates for the body text (both in html and/or text)
  3. Send the e-mail with a given transport

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