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In Slim v2, there is the option to invoke the error or not found handler with respectively $app->error() or $app->notFound() inside your controller/closure. In Slim v3, the feature has been removed* but there is a way to manage the same result with middleware.

Recently I stopped being an entrepreneur and moved to work for another company. It felt great and I would like to share this experience with you. I made the move not because I couldn't stand the entrepreneurial environment any more, or because the business was in decline (on the contrary actually). It was because I stuck to my most important lesson:

Do what you love and evaluate what you do

This week I will leave my own business. It has been prepared for 3 months, but now it is getting really close. I am ready for the next step and I am honestly happy the company will keep running without me. However, this period felt like a roller coaster and I would like to share some thoughts how such a process could be guided (or the alternative title for this post: "what I learned from my mistakes").

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