Redesign of my blog

In the past months I have had many ideas about blog posts. Posts that were neither difficult to write nor required lots of research on beforehand. Nevertheless, I did not write much. This week I realized it was just too painful to write things down.

The slow system, the cluttered admin, the awful editor and unpleasant reading experience of the design all had it parts. The only thing needed to solve all these problems, was to move to a new platform. So I did.

Screenshot of the new blog design

The system is completely open source and based on ensemble. The admin interface, running on top of ZfcAdmin, is based on Twitter Bootstrap. Simple, mobile friendly and it just works. Together with the blogging module Soflomo\Blog from my company soflomo, it is all simply tied together.

The frontend design is as minimalistic as I could design it. The content focussed single-column is heavily inspired by systems like medium or svbtle.

I like classical styles a lot and that is the reason I choose for a serif font which is famous for its readability: Minion Pro. A recommended combination with Minion Pro is the font Myriad. So instead of randomly selecting a paring font, I relied on the expertise of many typographers on this topic to design the headings.

In retrospective, not much was needed. I decided just to put this blog theme online, to make sure it will be used. We will see what details will change, there are numerous bugs I will not tell you about. At last, I can blog again :-)