JurianSluiman now with Soflomo

Since a while I have with two partners a company called Soflomo. Soflomo is a new design and ICT company, but different from others (of course!). We can combine avant garde designs with innovative technological solutions and assist our customers the whole traject. From consultancy to the hosting of their website.

At Soflomo we’re still developing our CMS but we’ve a solid base thanks to the PHP framework of Zend. With our product we deliver very customer specific solutions but without changing the code a lot. It saves a lot of time: with a specific configuration and modular structure we’re able to change the standard components to the wishes of our clients.

Because we’d like to test some parts, my own website is converted into the Soflomo CMS (we still don’t have a better name). You probably can find some quirks and not all parts work flawlessly but this is still a good place to test the things.

If you see something what might be a bug, please let me know. Upcoming summer we’re ready to finish our product so we’re happy to get feedback from you.