Extreme make-over

Last week the server-side code of my site has undergone one of the biggest make-overs since the new start of this site. Especially the blog itself is completely rewritten. The foundation of the blog code is still there, the lay-out is the same, but the maintenance is much easier, the code is better protected against wrong input, and everything is now OOP ( Object Oriented Programmed ). It took a little time to rewrite the code instead of making a new start, but the result is worth the effort :)

Updates are now a special category, not shown anymore in the Hot Items list. The last news item is placed on the front page with the three latest headlines beneath it. Registered users have a small profile page, on which they could leave some more information about themselves. These users can also view the profile pages of other users.

The gallery will also undergo a make-over soon. That will cost some more time, because I’d like to intergrate it with my blog. E.g. registered users have to log in once. But I’m going too fast now. Let’s be glad with the new blog first, the gallery will soon get its own upgrade ;)