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S-MQTTT, or: secure-MQTT-over-Traefik

The last days I have been experimenting in different ways how I can secure a MQTT setup for my home automation. There’s an increasing use of IoT here at my home and most of the applications communicate over MQTT. You simply cannot control every device and how it gathers information. To prevent eavesdropping, it’s time to secure MQTT.

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Change Hyper Backup target location

When you are a heavy user of your Synology NAS like me, you might use Hyper Backup to backup your NAS data to an external site in an orderly fashion. My backups run daily for almost three years now to a OwnCloud instance I have at a Dutch hosting provider, via WebDav.

At that time I made a choice how to layout my data, but I have come up with a better plan and needed to change the destination folder of the Hyper Backup task. Unfortunately, this is not possible via the web interface of DSM. In this post I will explain how to accomplish this.

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OpenVPN with Traefik 2.2 using UDP

A neat trick from OpenVPN is you can have a client configuration with two remote servers. You can connect by default with udp at port 1194 but if firewalls block either udp traffic or port 1194, your client will automatically have a failover using tcp at port 443. In this post I will show you how, using the new udp capabilities in Traefik 2.2, released just last month.

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